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Sneak Preview at The Festival

Tales2Film Festival

Over at The Festival, the action has gone live with a sneak preview. The box office is open and tickets are free. You’ve got a sneak preview, complete with live deals: Every e-book on the site is yours for 99¢. Every paperback is 1/3 off.

Tales2Film Festival About to Open

Tales2Film Festival

This Friday The Festival starts. Friday, October 19, 2012. Mark it, tag it, tweet it, post it, pin it, or  go old-school and just remember it — whatever works — because it’s going to be fun, free and really entertaining. Here are all the details. Thanks. We’re excited about this. We hope you will be,…

T2F Writer Lyle Weldon Preps New Web Series

Lyle Weldon, writer of Head Case

Los Angeles based writer Lyle Weldon, author of two tales in this fall’s Tales2Film Festival, is developing a web series. We asked him to tell us about it: After my experience turning two of my screenplays into novelizations for Aisle Seat Books, I slowly came to an epiphany: Turning my screenplays into books was a…